moore foam
for bedding

Mattress recycling is a hot topic in the bedding industry. 

Mattresses are a considerable contributor to pollution and as a consequence of upcoming European legislation, more effort is put to recycle mattresses nowadays. Unfortunately all mattresses consist of material that is limited in recyclability.


We are  pleased to offer you an alternative. 

moore foam provides your (baby) mattress with excellent comforting characteristics, a foam that is 100% upcyclable and is flame retardant without additives. 

Moore foam enables your mattresses, headboards and other bedding products like pillows to become fully recyclable and circular.

Excellent cushioning characteristics
According to industry standard ISO-Nen 2439​ and in different firmnesses.

Superb ventilation

The open foam structure enables ventiallation for optimal temperature and reduction of moisture


Anti allergic and anti bacteria in one

Our foam material is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungi and anti dust mites


Safe and inflammable

Naturally fire retardant: No FR ingredients needed.

Considerably lower CO2 footprint

Moore foam is produced, shipped and recycled with reducing CO2 emissions in mind.  

100% Circular

Old foam? New foam! 100% of moore foam can be made into new foam. Over and over.

Extended Producer 


Facilitates to comply with EPR.

Trees From Above

moore foam is your answer to sustainability and circularity in bedding.

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Sleeping with Eye Mask

We are in talks with several bedding/mattress manufacturers to help them in becoming circular with our foam.

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