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to transform the foaming industry by offering the world a sustainable & biodegradable alternative to technical foam materials.



Growfoam is a (patent pending) tailor made biodegradable plant substrate for seedling germination and plant cultivation. The dimensionally stable, peat-free and clean plant foam-substrate is produced from biodegradable biopolymers and natural additives. Growfoam can be tuned in composition, foam morphology and foam cell size. 

Our Growfoam substrate plug offers the following benefits:

  • Biodegradable under natural & composting conditions

  • Clean & inert (peat & coir free)

  • Well defined & stable water capacity during cultivation

  • Optimal potential for automation

  • Cost competitive

Depending on your specific crop requirements Growfoam can be tuned in composition, foam morphology and foam cell size. By tuning the foam substrate to your requirements we are able to deliver a defined water capacity and air capacity suited to your crop. Specific seed dimples can also be tailor-made to your requirements to ensure the most optimal seedling germination and plant development.

Growfoam offers a defined, hygienic and reliable substrate composition. The reliable Growfoam composition enables predictable and cost-effective germination rates. Thanks to the coir-free and peat-free composition Growfoam plugs can also enable successful young plant export to upcoming economies. The hygienic substrate is also safe and irritant free which enables optimal manual handling.

Due to its NPK-neutral biopolymer composition Growfoam enables a complete freedom-of-choice in nutrient composition. Thanks to the inert composition Growfoam will also enable a cost-effective use of growth stimulants and other high value additives. During biodegradation Growfoam will decompose in water and carbon dioxide without effecting plant growth. With Growfoam plugs growers are completely in control in optimizing their preferred cultivation methods

Growfoam enables a completely clean & hygienic cultivation process. Especially in high intensity young plant production systems & hydroponic production processes Growfoam plugs offer a potential towards raising hygiene standards in the horticulture industry.

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Imagine that we can transform our everyday products and resources by implementing a tailor-made biodegradation. Imagine that such a functional biodegradation will enable our products to function and biodegrade over a specified time frame.

At Foamplant we know this is possible thanks to innovative technology and a creative use of biopolymer resources. By implementing such a a tailor-made biodegradation into our everyday products we are able to decide on forehand which end-of-life scenario will be possible.





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